andy singer

as creates

brand strategist.

graphic and ui designer.

emory marketing/strategy BBA

project manager/art director

purpose driven creative.

open to work,
hard work

all things design.

hey, I'm andy. I studied at goizueta business school at emory university and earned my
BBA in marketing and strategy & management consulting in 2021.

I am a graphic designer with multimedia production skills and purpose driven strategy obsessed with clever advertising, masterful integrated marketing campaigns, and meaningful brand strategy work. It's exactly what I want to do with my life.

I freelance and am actively seeking full time work in
brand strategy, advertising, graphic design, creative direction, and other production needs (video & photo editing, logo design, brand identity design, social media, and more).


my work

explore my case studies in brand identity, creative campaign  work throughout the years, driven by design thinking click the images to explore my projects


President 2020-2021
Director of Design 2018-2020

As Director of Design, I was responsible for creating branding identity for TEDxEmory. I acted as sole graphic designer and project manager with help from my team on spreading those designs and identities. We hold our annual main conference, featuring 12+ speakers from across the US with over 500+ attendees. My work here features visual design for our event: What's Next?

canvas brand redesign

Strategic Re-branding project, UI redesign

I created a case study in which I proposed a logo and user interface update to the course management platform used by my University. I often work on redesign projects to challenge my design strategy and attention to detail in branding.


In my most intensive entrepreneurial business school course, I learned how to pitch a brand entirely from scratch. Weaction is the result of a semester of collaborative work, from ideation to valuation and pitching. Enjoy my branding and UI/UX design

deloitte rebrand

Deloitte Rebrand driven by brand purpose: Impact that Matters

uber purpose discovery

Goizueta Business School MKT 441: Ideation
Uber Purpose Film

Tasked with rediscovering Uber's inherent purpose, which my team discovered as "Connecting your world by connecting the world". This purpose film is an articulation and illustration of an integrated marketing campaign around this rediscovered purpose.

denny's integrated marketing campaign

Goizueta Business School MKT 442: Marketing/Consulting Practicum
Denny's Always Open Presentation of IMC Campaign

Team Lead for a unique project partnership between Emory University and Coca Cola/Denny's. Applied integration of IMC and research-based consulting, with the goal of developing a strategic and creative IMC campaign for client Denny's. We identified a real-world problem in sales and strategy for Denny's and used design thinking to develop actionable recommendations for our client and achieved the award of top IMC Campaign in the competition-styled course.

more portfolio!

Adobe Creative Cloud

I work in the Adobe Creative Cloud to create and share my original work.

Design Apps:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere Pro



Logo Design
Brand Identity
Video Editing
Digital Strategy
Motion Graphics
Design Thinking
Layout Design
Print Design
Web Design

Other tools:
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Adobe Acrobat
Upwork Freelancing
Microsoft Suite

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